Email replies not being tracked in HubSpot


Hi There,

I have Outlook 365, and I have downloaded the Windows App and the other Outlook setup file. I have connected everything as per your help documents have advised.


I have configured the settings to activate and connect my emails within the settings tab, however I am still not receiving email replies within Hubspot itself?


I can see tracked emails, and it lets me know when a email has been opened, but when someone replies, the reply only goes through to my Outlook and not to the CRM?


Please could you assist in advising how I can automatically get replies into the Hubspot CRM without having to forward each one to to the unique BCC address?


I also have a screenshot of a error when I try to run the Outlook Add-on.Hubspot sales add-on problem.PNG




Much appreciated,


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HubSpot Employee

Hey @Stuart1

Thanks for posting! We get this question a lot, and you're in luck we have a create solution already posted here for your outlook error:


And here for more information about reply tracking:

If you have any follow up questions please post on the original thread.