Email forwarding rule to HubSpot ID did not work - emails lost


One of our reps created an outlook rule to forward all incoming email to her HubSpot ID. This did not work as anticipated and all those particular emails appear to be lost. HubSpot has not been able to retrieve them. She is a salesperson and there is one rather important email she'd like to view. Has anyone encountered this issue and know of a possible fix? 


The contact she emailed and who responded IS in HubSpot, but the activity is not showing up in her timeline. It also does not show up in the sales rep's own activity feed because we have our domain set to never log.


Thank you in advance for any suggestions!

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Hi @TNovitsky ,

Didn't face this issue personally but you can try this troubleshoot article here: Troubleshoot the HubSpot Sales Outlook desktop add-in | Knowledge Base

Also, @BrettLanguirand has also shared some trobleshoot tips here in this post: Solved: HubSpot Community - Outlook emails not logging into CRM - HubSpot Community

Hope this helps!

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