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Email displaying weirdly on Office 365 App for Windows

I have some emails that use Email Custom Modules to display customized headers and footers displaying very weirdly when the email is opened on the Office365 App for Windows.


The width of the elements get messed up and the colors change as well.


It looks like a compatibility problem with Office 365 App. I did not find any similar cases in the community, so I'm creating this post to see if anyone has found similar issues or even solved them.


Let me know if you have experienced anything similar to this.


Thank you!

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Email displaying weirdly on Office 365 App for Windows

Hello @matheus_jiran, thank you for posting in our Community!


There are a few reasons you could be seeing this issue. Web standards have been updated several times, allowing CSS to make web pages look much nicer. Some email clients have been trying to keep up with those web page formatting standards in their email clients.


Outlook is the email client that has a history of not displaying most email customization. It cannot display buttons with rounded corners, for example, and allows the use of only 8 different fonts.


Other clients, such as Gmail, can handle most CSS customization, but fonts are where most email clients fail, Gmail included.


I hope this information helps.



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