Email Opened notifications in Hubspot dashboard and Chrome extension stopped working

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The Email opened notification was working perfectly until about a week ago.

It was showing in the Chrome Extension, and the Hubspot Sales Notifications dashboard.


Nothing was changed, but since about a week ago, all emails just show as "unopened".


I tested by setting another email account of mine as a contact and writing an email. It delivered fine, but when i opened it, there was no notification, and Hubspot still reports it as 'unopened'.


This really diminishes value with the loss of this function.

Anyone have any ideas?


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Community Manager

Hi @tiikr


Can you confirm that you do not have 'plain text' enabled in Gmail? Emails sent as plain text will not be tracked as they do not have the tracking pixel enabled.


If you do not have plain text turned on, can you please complete the test (if you haven't already) of sending an email through the contact's timeline (from within HubSpot) to an inbox you have access to, opening it, and seeing if that functions as expected. 


If the issue persists after completing these tests, can you please send along screenshots of the email that you are sending, the opened email, and your notification stream/the contact's timeline showing that the email is still marked as 'unopened'. Additionally, can you please send along the email headers for both the sent email and the received email. For detailed instructions on how to get email headers, this article walks through the process. 


Thank you,


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