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Hi we are at the moment testing hubspot. I have several problems with the Forward/BCC and Outlook Plugin.


When i try to forward an email it seems that the email must match the email i use inside of hubspot. Now the problem starts because we have more than one domain and info and contact addresses. So i tryed to forward a email out of the contact mailbox to the crm and that is not working. So i tryed to send this email to me and forward it than to the crm but than it still does not show up. When i use the outlook plugin the Plugin than only offers me the option to create a new contact named contact@mydomain .... but i can not change it to the original requester...


even when i get a email in my inbox and there are more people than me on the email or some one is in cc it is not working. when i try to forward it nothing happens when i try it with the outlook plugin it is every time again trying to add the wrong one.


Did i missed something or is this a real problem ? without the option to add emails the crm is pretty useless for us.

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I have the same experience with forwarding. The mails just vanish (or notheing happens). It would be a nice feature for emails that have;


-not been sent from hubspot

-replies by non listed others

-just to easily add relevant content via email to your contacts


So I will upvote this in order to have it either explained and proven to work, or have it fixed and explained afterwards....

is anyone from Hubspot working on this? We are having a difficult time with email forward as well.. not sure why it's so restrictive