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Why do the email attachments only work if the URL for the file is placed into the body of the email?  Can an email be sent with the desired text in the body and the attachments comethrough like they would in Outlook and other email programs?

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Hello @Jerryh,


Thank you for your question.


I don't have much information as to why the product is built this way, but I can confirm that this is the current expected behavior.  I know that many email clients have the ability to attach a file differently, but at the end of the day, they are different systems, with different functionality.  


When sending an email from the CRM, adding an attachment will generate a link to the file that you are attaching.  You can change the text that shows up for the link instead of just displaying the URL by clicking on it in the editable draft.  Additionally, you could use the Documents tool to be able to attach files.  It also adds them as links, but it also provides information regarding who viewed the document and how long they viewed it.  If you haven't tried documents, it might be worth a shot.


I hope this helps clear things up.



In my view, this is a major limitation of the system. I simply want to send an attachment not a link. Links these days are blocked by spam filters and many companies instruct their staff not to click on links in emails in case they contain viruses. When will HubSpot be changing this? I really like the CRM, but this might be a deal breaker.


I agree. You'd have thought this would be basic in a CRM. We send all of our proposals by attachment and a link looks messy. It also shows that its opening through Hubspot.


Can anyone from Hubspot tell us when you'll look at this? It's a real issue for my team.


This is not the current expectation of a client using a personal email. People are naturally cautious of clicking on links within emails and therefore having an embedded hubspot link within our emails makes us look less personal, makes our emails go into junk folders and does not fit with the clean marketing brand image. 


Please can this be changed asap! 


Agree. Want to go with Hubspot for automation of Sales emails. But I cannot attach documents the way I want, that is a deal breaker.



Can the document attach feature made available in the app? Currently I am able to see that only in desktop version.





Completely agree - It looks messy and not professional in emails. At the moment I am not using a template reach out email to customers through hubspot for this reason. The template would save a lot of time and allow me to easily enter in properties but I cannot use it due to the fact it makes attachments look messy and clients will not likely click on a link sent through email. Please fix this asap. 


Hubspot can you allow us to attach pdfs to our emails as soon as possible. Because of this lacking feature I am not sending emails through the CRM whenever I have to attach a document because it looks messy.


I agree with the other responders.  All of the attachment features in HubSpot are less than ideal, but this one is especially heinous.  The PDF attachment is already uploaded into the deal (which we have to do manually, seperate issue on another post), why on earth would we want to send an attachment in a link?  Yes, we could make a shared file, but our proposals cannot be standardized as our represented product lines are extremely vast.  

We are not using the templates or sequences at all for this reason, which is such a shame as we can all see the value added in these features.  

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HubSpot - Any updates here? We would love to have our client be able to stay in their email, log the email with important attachments/images.  


I agree with the consensus here, I was surprised to learn this feature is only avaliable in individual emails.


It would be good to have an option to attach a link or file, depending on our unique situation.  Many of our clients still prefer a file over link, and we'd like to give them the option. Ideally you'd still be able see if they've opened the file. 


Would also love to see the same feature, links can be much more easily shared with the wrong audience when we want to send a more private attachment. Following to see if Hubspot will update or if we will have to look into another CRM/Marketing email platform. Does anyone know of an email service that allows updates?