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Efficient process for lots of contacts no longer with company

For contacts that are no longer with the company, we have a property with "Yes" and "No" that can be checked. I am looking for an efficient way update information in HubSpot after marketing email sends.


Our industry has a lot of turnover, so after an email sends, we often get automatic responses from 50 or more contacts saying that the contact has left the company. For right now, someone has been manually typing the email addresses into an excel doc, then we have been importing them and bulk editing them to change the "No Longer with the Company" property to "Yes." 


This requires someone to sift through a lot of emails and is really time consuming. It also leaves room for human error- an email can be easily missed, and an email address can be typed in slightly wrong. Has anyone experienced this problem, and does anyone have any more efficient solutions? 


My only thought is potentially to look in the email statistics for something specific after it is sent? A lot of people say that it will hard bounce if they are no longer with the company but I think a lot of times there are automatic responses, and it doesn't necessarily hard bounce? 


We use Outlook if there are any tips specific to Outlook that could make this process more efficient.

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Community Manager

Efficient process for lots of contacts no longer with company

Hello, @alexagatiss Happy Tuesday!

I want to ask a few experts to share their thoughts here:  @louischausse,  @Aakar , @Dan1 any recommendations to @alexagatiss matter?


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