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Sometimes my creative juices get flowing and I compose an email that I really love and then later I want to copy it and send it to someone else or forward it to my boss for her thoughts. When I do and the new recipient opens it, it shows as opened by the original recipient. Is there a way to remove the tracking pixel from the original email? My thought was to copy and paste into a Word doc and then copy and paste it from there into an email in Outlook. Will that remove the tracking pixel? How about if I highlight and change the font? There's got to be a way to do this!


Thanks so much!

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I want to tag some of our experts on this - @Josh @NicoleSengers @StefaniUAT any thoughts to share with @ABarron on this? 


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Hi @ABarron,


I would highly recommend using the template feature for this scenario. It's the perfect use case, even on the feedback aspect. Once you get feedback from your boss, you can edit the template and then send again in the future. While the email is the same, the tracking will be unique to each recipient.




Thanks for the ping @TiphaineCuisset 

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Hi @Josh, I appreciate the response! This makes sense and I don't have a problem with doing that if it's an email I will use multiple times. Sometimes though, it's a simple answer to a question or something that I want to track and then I also decide to forward it or use it again later. So, are you saying that the only answer is to create a template for each email I track in the event that I want to use it again or forward it? I will definitely do this for the list of emails I have created in a Word doc that I use often, it's a great solution for those. But for the one offs, or the ones that I had no previous intention of using again and then decide to use later, that seems onerous. Is there a different solution for those cases?