Deployment Manifest or location not trusted

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Hi all,


I am trying to install the Outlook Desktop and I keep running into the attached error.

I have tried all recommended changes (added the URL to trusted sites and made sure that the security level of trusted sites is 0.0), I have disabled my Kaspersky protection. I tried running the install shield as an admin, but still no luck. 


If I enter the URL in my browser it actually downloads the sidekick.vsto file and I can run it, but then it just cannot find the sidekick.dll.manifest file, which seems to be part of the sidekick installation process. 


I have Win 10 x64 and Outlook desktop (Office 365)


Does anyone have a solution?


Thanks a lot,




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Hi @RightRevenue,


Are you seeing the error message after you've retrieved the download? Have you partnered with your IT team to see if the download is on your computer? 


Additionally, I did want to share the next set of steps in this article if you are still seeing the error message.


Thank you,

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