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Customise Outlook Plug-in

I am currently using the Sales Outlook 365 add-in. 


In the case of logging a new contact that I'm emailing, is there way to customise the side-bar pop-up so that:

1) first/last name can be changed BEFORE the email is sent? 

2) associated company can be changed in the event that hubspot does not link the contact to the correct company?


The reason for this is that once an email is sent it is easy for the sender to forget to update the new record, so we end up with a lot of contact names that are simply email addresses /  contacts that are either not associated with a company or have been associated by hubspot to the incorrect company.


Thank you!

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Customise Outlook Plug-in

Hi @GHull 


Thank you for reaching out!


From what I can see in our knowledge base, you should be able to "Add to CRM" if the contact is not yet in your CRM. Then, you should be able to edit the properties. I believe for the associated company you'll have to go into HubSpot and add it however.


Hope that helps.
Have a lovely day,

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