Control HubSpot Plugin with GPO or Registrysettings possible?


We´d like to set up 2 Groups of Users.

First Group should have ticket email tracking and logging always on. (e.g. Sales people)

Second Group should have disabled both options on default and can enable it if needed. (e.g. CEO, CFO, IT)


On Outlook restart the options of both groups should be reset to their defaults.


May it is possible to do this on every login on our Terminalservers via GPOs or Registry keys? I haven´t found such Keys in the Registry.


Thanks in advance.

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Community Manager

Hi @ChrisB90,


The settings for the Outlook add in are controlled by the individual within their Outlook. You can set up and choose your preferences for logging and tracking emails within the extension. 


There is no way to control this from within the registry or in bulk for all users.


Thank you,


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