Change Outlook Date Region Format for tasks dd/mm/yy


i have made request for this to be looked at,


you can edit the date format to your region in the hubspot web app, however when you do this it is not reflected in the outlook addin, 


so my users when sending emails to customers and are creating tasks within the outlook 2016 application addin (not 365) you cannot formatt the date to our region (UK). 


it is by default set to the USA MM/DD/YY which creates confusion.


we are using windows 10 with the UK region setting applied as you would expect

and outlook 2016 application for mailing.


please can someone look into this.


thank you 

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Community Manager

Hello @mikeyy 


Could you please provide us a screenshot of an example that this is happening on your end? What is the current HubSpot account language setup? 

The more information, screenshots, and details you can provide, the better I can advise on the next steps.

Thank you,


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hi please see these photos 





as you can see our region is DD/MM/YYYY but the dates within the addin are MM/DD/YYYY, we have made all the regional changes within hubspot which reflect everywhere except the outlook addin 




Is there any progress on this? We do not use the US format at all in Australia and it has the potential to create incorrect follow up dates due to unneccessary user confusion. I can't seem to find any information on a work around, either.