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Cannot Select Account in dropdown menu Hubspot Outlook App

Ls. Although I only manage one Hubspot account, The Hubspot Outlook App asks me to sign in to select an account in order to activate the Hubspot Outlook App - Connection. The Hubspot App has worked perfectly fine, however since last week Hubspot is asking me to select an account in a dropdown menu. The dropdown menu hoewever is blank (see scrnsht below) and I cannot select any account. Have deinstalled and reinstalled the Hubspot Outlook App. several times, bust no results. I can login into Hubspot through the browser though... Any help is much appreciated. 🙏




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Community Manager

Cannot Select Account in dropdown menu Hubspot Outlook App

Hello @VirtYoo ,


Welcome to the HubSpot Community!


Could you please provide us more information about what Outlook version you are currently using?

This knowledge base here provides more information on what versions and extensions are available. 


Are you trying to connect the email associated with your Community user?

The more information, screenshots, and details you can provide, the better I can advise on the next steps.


Thank you!


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Cannot Select Account in dropdown menu Hubspot Outlook App

Hi Pam,



Thank you so much for reaching out.


I am currently using Outlook for Microsoft 365 (32-Bits).


In Outlook Ribbon the Add-Inn is visible, active and I can Log Out:





When I select: “Settings”, the pop-up requires me to log-in and select a Hubspot account.


However, I cannot select any account.


Note: I only have one account?!!?





When Logging in with my only account the pop-up displays a successful log-in:





And again asks me to select an (non-visible) account.




Have de-instelled Hubspot for Outlook and re-installed again, however without the desired result..