Can't install HubSpot Sales add-in for Office 365 on chrome browser, Mac


Hi - having real trouble with this process that should be really simple.


Following the steps outlined here in HS KB.

  • I have Microsoft 365 Basic - the renamed Essentials licence, which is apparently compatible. 
  • After adding app from here and giving permissions to share info, it dumps me in Microsoft admin account, but no app installed. See video here
  • Contacted HS sales via chat, they recommended clearing cache and updating browser. Ended up with same result
  • Also tried in Safari. Same result 

Any tips on how to get this to work? 



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Hello @sholto25 


Could you please provide us the current version of your Microsoft 365? I want to share this knowledge base here with more information on how to troubleshoot the connection.


I. hope this information helps,


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Hi Pam - on Microsoft 365 Business Basic. Formerly called Essentials, which is compatible with the plugin.