Activity Stream unusable because of popup blocking screen


Trying to use and test email tracking.  But the activity screen is being blocked by a stupid pop up.  Anyone have an idea?  Have turned off all my trackers, adblockers yet this stupid popup/bock screen remains.


Wow - now I'm trying to add a pic and the "done" button doesn't work and pic cannot be added to post.  What in the heck?  Why is Hubspot a failure right out of the gate?



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Community Manager

Hi @MarkInSF


I am sorry you are having issues with HubSpot! The "done" button can take time to load when uploading photos to a thread, however if that issue is persisting, can you upload your photos to another online location and link them? If not, please let me know and I will direct message you with instructions for sending me photos. 


In regards to the pop up, do you mind clarifying a few things: 

1. What does the pop up say? Is it prompted by HubSpot or something else? 

2. Can you reproduce the pop up in different browsers? (If so, which ones?)

3. Can you reproduce the pop up after clearing your cache? 

4. Can you reproduce the pop up in an incognito window? 


I look forward to hearing back from you with this information. 




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