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Terry23 on March 01, 2023
Hi I have followed the steps here https://offers.hubspot.com/solutions-directory-listing and finished my Inbound certification. However, the button to create my profile is greyed out and I can't finish the listing process. Any idea what the p read more
0 upvote
3 Replies
March 02, 2023 15:52
Looks like it's an issue with the hubspot platform. I just got sent a reminder to complete the inbound certification program, but when I click throu...read more
BOConnell on February 21, 2023
Hello world, I am at the start of my company's Hubspot journey, I have a small issue regarding email setup and i was hoping someone could give advice on overcoming this little hurdle. I have two colleagues that use our company email as their primar read more
0 upvote
1 Reply
Community Manager
February 21, 2023 14:47
Hi @BOConnell , hope you are doing well! As explained in this article , "The Outlook desktop add-in will appear in any email address that you...read more
Funkenwerfer on January 02, 2023
Hello Together, Today I tried to register as a Solutions Provider with an E-Mail-Adress, that was currently not yet used in my MAIN Hubspot Company-Account. That way, when registering as Solutions Provider it created a NEW Company Account for m read more
January 03, 2023 08:20
Hi Tiphaine, Thanks for your response! I just tried registering in another browser, in an incognito window and after clearing cache, nothing...read more
MikeHart on June 09, 2022
Trying to add a signature to my Hubspot Community account. Does anyone know where to locate this?
0 upvote
6 Replies
Accepted Solution
Community Manager
August 05, 2022 05:30
Hi @TrujayJay , thanks for flagging! A few of your colleagues didn't have the partner role yet and were therefore not able to use the signatur...read more
kestrada on November 12, 2021
Hi Hubspot Community, I hope you are keeping well. Do you know that within Hubspot you can create newsletters that can be sent recurrently without you having to hit send email? Within this video, I review the steps on how to config read more
kestrada on November 12, 2021
Hi Hubspot Community, I hope you are keeping well. It is great to understand what types of emails you can create in Hubspot. Regular, automated or RSS. This time I will be focus on how to create an automated email. Within the foll read more
kestrada on November 12, 2021
Hi to all Hubspot Community, Sending automated emails can help you to engage/re-engage with your customers. However, it is necessary to measure the level of interactions with your emails: Were those opened? Did the important links in the emai read more
kestrada on August 14, 2021
Welcome to our Hubspot Onboarding Community! It is important to have all the information of your contacts, companies, deals and tickets handy. Not all the records are relevant for all Hubspot users. To make sure you and your users read more
1 Reply
HubSpot Moderator
August 25, 2021 17:38
Gold! Thanks for the tips, @kestrada !
kestrada on August 14, 2021
Welcome to our Hubspot Onboarding Community! When you purchase any Marketing subscription, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the marketing contacts concept: How to use them, differences to the rest of the contacts, best read more
kestrada on August 09, 2021
Welcome to our Onboarding community! Once you are ready to start with Hubspot, you want to make sure that all your customer's email interactions are recorded within Hubspot. SO you start having all your data on hand in one place. To read more
1 Reply
Contributor | Platinum Partner
September 11, 2021 01:43
Very helpful, thank you.
kestrada on August 09, 2021
Welcome to the Onboarding Community! Once you have purchased your Onboarding service. The big question will come. What is Onboarding and what to expect from it? A great adventure is about to start. Let´s see how does a read more
0 Reply
GF20 on July 31, 2021
Welcome to the Onboarding Community! Within HubSpot, as you are setting up your system during the onboarding process, a key step is to upload some key documents into the portal for use in the future. These documents, can then be read more
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