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Welcome to the Onboarding Community!

This Onboarding Community has been designed for you to find answers, ask questions, and engage with professionals from all around the world who are driving inbound success with HubSpot’s marketing, sales, and service tools.


In this channel you will find videos and content created by our Onboarding team that will help you to complete the General Set-Up in HubSpot, considering best practices and recommendations at the beginning of the process. You can also have conversations and share knowledge with other HubSpot Customers who have completed onboarding or who are currently working their way through the onboarding process as well.


Participation is free and only takes one step


To sign in simply click ‘Sign In With HubSpot’ in the top right of community.hubspot.com. From here you will be able to authenticate your login with your HubSpot account - this includes all HubSpot customers, free tool users and trials.  


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It is a great idea to also subscribe to the Onboarding Community so that you can be kept up to date with any new content that may be of interest to you as your progress with your Onboarding Journey and begin seeing success with HubSpot.


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Looking for a second opinion? Need a workaround? Or maybe you’re just curious! If you're looking to connect with your fellow HubSpot enthusiasts, start a conversation. Or, if you need help using any of the HubSpot tools, the community is on standby to help you out.


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Help could come from a number of parties here in the community: a fellow user, a HubSpot Partner or an employee - all of whom are passionate about HubSpot, inbound practices and helping you to meet your business goals.


As soon as a HubSpot Community Member has replied to your post, you’ll be notified by email. Keep in mind that some questions may take longer to resolve than others and that users will use the tools in different ways. You may even receive multiple answers from the community - You have the power to pick the best one as an accepted solution. 


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Welcome to the Onboarding Community!

Hello everyone

Am Ene Angela, am a novice. Am a language Student. Am TEC enthusiastic, so I would love if SEO will help me.


Welcome to the Onboarding Community!

Hey everyone My name is Ugonwa and am a complete novice when it comes to Tech. I am actually a Medical Laboratory Scientist and Tech enthusiast so I thought SEO would be a good place to start my Tech journey. I am relying on you to guide me.