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Introduction to Onboarding Projects for Getting Started

Welcome to the Onboarding Community!


One of the first things you can do to start seeing success as soon as possible with your new HubSpot subscription is to take a look at the General Setup Onboarding Project(s) that are applicable to the HubSpot subscription(s) you have purchased.


The sooner you complete the General Setup of your subscription, the sooner you can start to configure the system to suit your unique needs and requirements and begin to see real value for your team, your customers and your business overall.


For example:

  • The Marketing General Setup Tasks Project is specific to the Marketing Hub
  • The Sales Goal: Getting Started with Sales Hub is key for the Sales Hub
  • The Service General Setup Tasks Project is relevant to those using the Service Hub


Onboarding Project Video Introduction



Video Table of Contents



This video provides a brief introduction to the General Setup Tasks that will be available in your portal. These can be found in the Projects Section of your HubSpot portal and are accessible to all Users in your HubSpot Account.


Note: Please note, these Projects and their various tasks may vary from time to time. Additionally, your Customer Onboarding Specialist may update these General Setup Projects with some additional tasks and/or resources should they be relevant to your unique onboarding experience. 


Wishing you all the best as you begin the setup of your HubSpot portal!


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Contributor | Diamond Partner
Contributor | Diamond Partner

Introduction to Onboarding Projects for Getting Started

This is a great Project template in HubSpot! If anyone's looking for general HubSpot Onboarding best practices to help ensure user adoption across your company, here are four we typically follow: 1) Choose your onboarding experience (Hubspot vs partner agency), 2) Invest in education — the Academy has great lessons for your whole team, 3) Get users in the platform ASAP, and 4) Use HubSpot Projects to stay on task. (More about each of these steps in our blog article: https://www.weidert.com/blog/hubspot-onboarding-best-practices

Top Contributor | Diamond Partner
Top Contributor | Diamond Partner

Introduction to Onboarding Projects for Getting Started

This is great. Thank you for this resource. 

How are we seeing this being implemented currently?