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MBurgers on June 13, 2022
Hi, I have just learned about the QR code scanning in the mobile app and this looks as a great opportunity to scan leads during conferences. I am looking for a cost effective way of scanning leads at conferences and we used to do this with AtEvent read more
0 upvote
2 Replies
June 15, 2022 06:56
hi @StjepanGrcic , Thank you for your answer! I figured out how the QR code scanning works, building lists etc. My question is more, does it more
FRumpf on April 06, 2022
Hello everyone, I would like to import my phone contacts into the Hubspot mobile app. I know the basic way to do this. Unfortunately, when importing, the phone number is not entered in the appropriate field. So consequently I don't see any number i read more
0 upvote
1 Reply
Community Manager
April 07, 2022 05:34
Hi @FRumpf , Welcome to the Community! Could you please advise you have followed the steps described in this article from our more
DouglasInDallas on February 24, 2022
I'm using a free Hubspot Sales account with the Chrome extension in Windows 10 Home and the mobile application on Android 11. I muted an email thread so I would not receive notifications any further and I am not receiving the notifications on Ch read more
0 upvote
4 Replies
March 21, 2022 14:59
4 weeks now since requesting support. My March quota ended before the end of the first week due to this issue. Looking for other CRM's now because more
NAVs on February 15, 2022
I am using hubspot app on iOS. When i complete any task and click on the Right sign, I was getting the option to create a follow up task but now i am not getting it. Even the right sign (to mark the task as done) doesn't even gets clicked but the read more
0 upvote
6 Replies
February 21, 2022 21:47
I submitted the issue in ' suggest Improvement' waiting for the resolution. Thanks!
WhistleCleanAu on December 07, 2021
Hi, Would it be great if we can customize what properties to display in our mobile application? We've been having issues with how the properties we need with the associated contacts we have in our system are not being displayed on mobile. E read more
1 upvote
1 Reply
Community Manager
December 07, 2021 21:33
Hi @WhistleCleanAu , thank you for your feedback about HubSpot mobile app! I've found this idea post in the Ideas Forum which seems to be more
GMorris97 on November 19, 2021
Hello all, I have a successful show on IG and since Meta took over my settings have been blocked king my activity on IG and has affecting the show. I have spent 3 weeks researching and testing to get this resolved the normal solutions don't EOS I n read more
0 upvote
2 Replies
Guide | Diamond Partner
November 21, 2021 20:16
Hi @GMorris97 , Can you please what all help you required from HubSpot community? The only way I can relateIG (Instagram) with HubSpot is its more
M4tr1xN30 on November 08, 2021
Hi Everyone. Can anyone tell me if it possible to configure the mobile app to allow the addition of Line Items from a product catalogue when adding a deal in the iOS app? Many Thanks Mark
0 upvote
1 Reply
Accepted Solution
Guide | Diamond Partner
November 09, 2021 00:31
Hi @M4tr1xN30 , Currently its not possible to attach a line item to deals in HubSpot iOS app. As you can see the screen-shots, there is not more
adamhawes on November 04, 2021
It's super frustrating not being able to comment or edit a note on the iOS app. I receive notes I'm @ on when I'm on the move and there is no way to respond on the move. A super simple feature that could really help!
3 Replies
February 12, 2022 17:16
I was searching for ways to edit or reply to a note. I was guessing this is my fault as a user for not finding how to do it. I figured there's no more
3rik on September 29, 2021
It is frustrating that in 2021 Hubspot's mobile app feels like a first version & has often a view-only approach. I would recommend taking Clayton Christensen's Jobs To Be Done approach, and one of the jobs I would have for the Hubspot mobile app read more
1 Reply
Community Manager
September 30, 2021 15:34
Hello @3rik , thank you so much for your feedback! I would highly recommend you to please post this idea at our ideas forum ( here ). Our more
michaeljay201 on August 05, 2021
I have noticed recently -- within the past two / three weeks -- that tasks marked "completed" on the mobile app are not being updated as "completed" on desktop. I discovered this while reviewing my Overdue tasks on desktop. I would open the cont read more
0 upvote
2 Replies
August 06, 2021 07:35
Hi, @webdew . Yes, I am familiar with the process as outlined in that help article. I did some additional testing yesterday evening. Here is more
michaeljay201 on August 05, 2021
At some point in an early 2021 iOS mobile app update, Hubspot removed the ability to edit notes -- including call log notes -- on the app. This functionality used to exist prior to February 2021, and I cannot be the only user globally who would like read more
1 Reply
Guide | Diamond Partner
August 06, 2021 01:33
Hi @michaeljay201 , Advise you to put this on idea's section of the community: HubSpot Community - Ideas - HubSpot Community Hope this more
JosephRichards on May 31, 2021
Just wanted to introduce Productive Call Logging to Hubspot users. I am the Head of Productive with the Productive Call Assistant app, which integrates with Hubspot. Using your current mobile number, you can log all your calls automatically, and read more
Community Manager
June 01, 2021 11:57
Thank you for sharing more about this app @JosephRichards . Kindly, Pam
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