Trouble with HupSpot mobile Application (IOS) meeting Desktop Standards

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Apologies if this is a duplication of a previous post, but I could not locate another thread to which this topic is applicable.


The IOS version of the HupSpot smartphone application is a smear on the stellar performance and reputation of the HupSpot (Sales) desktop version.


Aside from mirroring the data in its desktop cousin, there is little to no functionality in accessing same. Slow does not even begin to describe the experience in length of time a simple search of contacts task takes.


My frustration has lead to me removing the app from all my IOS devices.


How can a company of this size and position in the industry allow this to happen.

It is a blemish; it should be discontinued until a luanch of a fucntional product can occur.


Is anyone else experiencing problems like this?


Thank you for alowing me to vent .....

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Hi @Cmorrison,


I am in agreement that the IOS app is pretty much unusable. I haven't uninstalled, but only open when I absolutely have to. 


Hopefully we'll see some major improvements on that front soon!



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Hi Craig,

I’m sorry you’ve had a poor mobile experience, it’s not reflective of the standard we aim for at HubSpot.


Thanks for taking the time to send through more details of the issue, our engineering team are looking at the issue to see what was happening with your device.


For the newest features and performance updates, you can download the Early Access iOS app at




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