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Marking tasks completed on mobile app

I have noticed recently -- within the past two / three weeks -- that tasks marked "completed" on the mobile app are not being updated as "completed" on desktop.


I discovered this while reviewing my Overdue tasks on desktop. I would open the contact record and see the logged call and call notes, but the task was not completed.


And, no, I'm not forgetting to mark the task complete on the mobile app. I tap it, and watch it strike through, marking it complete, but then I look up the Contact on desktop, and it's back to "not completed."


When I mark the task "complete" on desktop, then the task is also marked "complete" on mobile. It should work the other way around, too.

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Marking tasks completed on mobile app

Hi @michaeljay201 ,

This should not happen. Can you checkonce,  that you are following the right process to mark a task as completed. Please refer to this article for the same

If yes, then it might be a bug. Reach out to the hubspot support team and they will help you resolve the issue. 

Hope this helps!

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Marking tasks completed on mobile app

Hi, @webdew.


Yes, I am familiar with the process as outlined in that help article. I did some additional testing yesterday evening. Here is what I found:


1) In the contact record, I marked a task "complete." When I refreshed the contact record, the task reverted back to open/incomplete. I tried this several times, same result each time.


2) Switched to the "Today" view on the app, in the Upcoming Tasks section, and marked the task "complete" there. The task was removed from the list. Checked the contact record, and the task was marked "complete." Refreshed the contact record, and the task was still "complete." (This aligns with the process from the article.)


3) For good measure, while still in the contact record, I tapped the task to mark it "incomplete," then tapped it again to mark it "complete." Then, refreshed the contact record once more, and the task reverted to open. I checked my Upcoming Tasks list on the "Today" view, and sure enough, the task was there, status "overdue." Marked it complete in the list, navigated back to the contact record, and the task was, indeed, struck-through as "complete."


So, it seems that the issue has something to do with marking the task "complete" in the contact record. It's good to know that the process as shown on the Help article still works as it should, but when the ability to mark tasks complete in the contact record is available, but not functioning properly, it creates confusion.


I will contact the Hubspot Support Team to sort it out.