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Log Calls Automatically

Just wanted to introduce Productive Call Logging to Hubspot users.


I am the Head of Productive with the Productive Call Assistant app, which integrates with Hubspot. Using your current mobile number, you can log all your calls automatically, and set customer recording and transcription settings. We have a ton of features like hands-free note-taking, in-call voice notes, post-call summaries, transcribed voicemails... all synced to your Hubspot automatically.


You can watch a live Hubspot demo of our Product here.


We offer a 14-day free trial... or message me here if you have any questions. We are super proud of our Hubspot integration, as we use Hubspot ourselves, and it's fantastic.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Log Calls Automatically

Thank you for sharing more about this app @JosephRichards.




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