Inbound emails are not appearing in hubspot even after gmail sync




we've set up our hubspot with (paid) gmail addresses using our company email addresses. We connected the system successfully and ran several successful tests of sending and receiving email.


Now we are facing an issue where inbound emails are not logged to contacts in the CRM.


The issue occurs when:


1. The contact was created in the crm manually or through import

2. The contact emails us unpromted, not in response to an email we sent him


Even though the email address matches exactly, this contact's email is not logged in the CRM.


Why not? We'd want all of this contacts emails to be stored.


Similarly we'd want any new emails we send to this contact to be stored with the contact, regardless of whether it was sent from the CRM or not.


This is how we would intuitively understand sync of the email account.


If the email thread was initiated from the CRM then everything works perfectly. We can use any email client to continue the thread and it will be logged.


But if the thread was started outside the CRM, either by us or the contact, then the emails are not logged in the CRM.


Can you help?


We're actually really enjoying hubspot but this email item is a bit of a tough one for our workflows.


Thanks a million!

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HubSpot Product Team

Hey @masterblaster this is something we've come accross before.


According to this help documentReplies to emails sent through the HubSpot CRM get logged automatically on the contact's timeline as long as you have connected a G Suite (formerly known as Goolge Apps for Work) or an Outlook 365 account in your Settings here


This doc also helped us troubleshoot why emails weren't getting logged:


in our case the header text was formatted incorrectly. 

Just so I'm sure, when you say 'inbound emails' do you mean emails that come in as replies to emails you send via HubSpot Sales? 


Hey @roisinkirby,


thanks for your quick reply.


I'll check out these articles, but getting back to your question, let me try give an example:


1. I create in the CRM

2. sends me an email

-> it's not logged in the CRM 😞


another example


1. I create in the CRM

2. I write to from my gmail account

-> it's not logged in the CRM 😞

3. The user replies to my email, to my gmail account

-> it's not logged in the CRM


The only times it will work is if the thread was started from the CRM (and even then, I'm seeing weird behaviour. The reply from the customer will usually be identified in the CRM with sent an email to rather than identifying it as an email to me).





Unfortunately none of the articles seem relevant. Our settings seem fine, and the email addresses definitely match in the portal. They are also not from the same email sending domain nor are we talking about forwards.

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Hi @masterblaster I'm just following up on this.


I'm going to break down this response into two parts, for your two examples:


Example 1: This is expected behavior.


Indeed, though connecting your inbox does allow you to log replies to your initial emails into the CRM, the feature does not allow for the logging of unsolicited emails into the CRM.


Aside from the privacy/security concerns that logging all incoming emails might bring about, the way that we are able to log outgoing emails into the CRM is by appending a custom BCC address ( to emails that you send either through the CRM or through your email client - the "Log in CRM" checkbox that appears in your Gmail client actually has the functionality of adding that custom BCC address to your outgoing emails. That BCC address is then included in replies to your original email, causing them to be logged into the CRM. The reason that you need to be able to connect your inbox in order to log email replies into the CRM is that this feature requires us to go into your email client to retrieve replies, despite that BCC address having been appended. 


Once workaround for this would be to forward incoming emails to your CRM using your Forwarding Address ( All emails that you forward to this address will be logged into the CRM. If the person that had sent you the original email is not present in your HubSpot CRM, forwarding the message will automatically create the contact for you. If you see any issues with this feature, please consult this article for further troubleshooting. 


Example 2: This is not expected behavior.


As long as the extension is properly installed and you have successfully logged into it, the recipient of your email does not have the same email domain as you do, and your sending email address exists as a User in your portal, these emails shouyld be getting logged into your CRM.


In digging into this further, would you mind trying out two things:


- Uninstalling and Reinstalling the Chrome extension, logging back into the extension, and finally clicking on this link:


- Sending a test email to Make sure that you have checked the "Log in CRM" checkbox. Then, look to see if a contact was created for this email address, and if said email was logged in their timeline.


I would also look at past emails that you've sent out which you would have expected to be logged, to see if a BCC address was included, like so:

test   mpascaud   HubSpot Mail.png

Let me know if you have any questions, and I'm sorry for the very long reply 🙂


Hello @MayPascaud,


thank you very much for the detailed information on how this works behind the scenes. I thought you were using a tracking pixel, but the BCC address makes sense.


I'm gonna clarify my example 2 because I think you will now say this is also expected behaviour:


2. I write to from my gmail account via apple Mail
-> it's not logged in the CRM


We don't really ever use the gmail mask itself, we're very much attached to our apple Mail program and iPhones.


I suppose the only way to work around this is to:

- Try start conversations from the CRM

- If we have to start conversations from Mail, use the BCC address

- if we get unsolicited email from contacts in our CRM, use the forwarding address or log manually


I do find a bit odd that the CRM shows messages as being sent from the user to the user, even if they are sent to me. And also, if we log emails manually, we would love to be able to define that it was an inbound mail. All mail we log manually is defined as having come from us.


Overall, I would hugely appreciate if hubspot can make working with email even more intuitive. It's already pretty good, but it can still get a lot better 🙂


We do still like hubspot though, it's a feel-good CRM.

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Hi @masterblaster, indeed you knew what I was going to say before I said it 🙂


Though we used to have an extension for Apple Mail, we no longer do - the reason for this being that Apple does not provide any support or resources for third-party developers, making it very difficult to maintain the extension's functionality. I misunderstood your previous comments, assuming that you were using the Chrome extension with Gmail. 


Your workarounds summary is exactly right - if you want to keep using Apple Mail, these will be the best steps to take in using it with the CRM.


As for your other point (sorry I didn't address it before), this is not expected behavior!


Can you confirm that when you send emails from the CRM, you have a Sender set, like so:


And that still the email is appearing as having been set by the recipient? Indeed, on my end, I am seeing the sender as "Me", as it should be:


Please test this out and let me know. If this behaviour persists, please send me a screenshot of this happening (a screencast would be even better) in a private message and I will consult with my team on what might be the source of the issue!


Thanks for your feedback on all of this, we really appreciate hearing these thoughts from our customers. Have a great day!


P.S. We do use a pixel for email tracking, and the BCC for email logging 🙂 


This is the email I send from the CRM (looks correct)

sent from CRM.png


This is the response I get from the customer (looks like he wrote to himself)

customer response.png


So, apart from fixing the above, my suggestion for improvement would be that I have a setting where I can choose to:

- import all inbound emails from contacts (by examining my inbox and adding all emails from email addresses that I have added to the CRM)

- import and create new contacts from inbound emails (by examining my inbox and adding new contacts that email me automatically)


I agree that you may have these turned off by default for security reasons, but other CRMs have this kind of functionality (with IMAP).


I'd also love it if you could sanitise emails that arrive in the CRM via BCC or FWD.

- Remove the "header text".

- Remove the "quote level"

That would make it look much less clunky.


Finally, when I log an email manually (for example because I don't like the way the FWD feature creates a clunky experience), I need to be able to set that this was an inbound mail. Currently it always says "ME send and email to CUSTOMER".


I believe all of these could greatly improve the experience of hubspot and hope you are able to pass this feedback on.




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Hi @masterblaster, thanks for summarizing all of this. The best place to pass along this feedback would actually be the new Ideas forum, right here on the Community. This area of the platform is managed by our Product team, and is a great way for customers to give some concrete feedback to the team in order to improve the software. You make some great points, and they would love to hear from you!




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We might have an automated solution that can help you with this if you are still having issues. Feel free to drop me a line at 


Hello Hubspot Team


I would need some help for sync in my gmail to crm. I am using chrome extension. My issues -

1) I need to log in hubspot and keep it open, and then only any email sent via gmail, logs in crm. Is it normal? How can I always have all emails logged in crm, without having my crm account open?

2) contact is automatically created. Now in future when contact sends me email in gmail, it doesn't log in crm?


I am very new to using crm. So not sure if my syncing of gmail is done correctly with crm. Please help technically.