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Would it be great if we can customize what properties to display in our mobile application? We've been having issues with how the properties we need with the associated contacts we have in our system are not being displayed on mobile. 


Example, in a contact record, we have a Type of Contact property, which we need to identify who's the primary, emergency, & financial contacts, but when you view it on mobile app, it won't show, unlike in desktop view where we can set what we want to display.

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Community Manager

HubSpot mobile's default view

Hi @WhistleCleanAu , thank you for your feedback about HubSpot mobile app!

I've found this idea post in the Ideas Forum which seems to be identical to your feedback, could you take a look? : Customising contact's "sidebar" in mobile app


If this feature is something you'd want HubSpot to develop, please give it an upvote and share your use case! Our product team is constantly on the lookout in the Ideas Forum for users' feedback and ideas on ways in which they could possibly improve the functionality of our tools. So your support for the idea would be greatly appreciated!