How to add another CRM account to the iOS app?

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I have to CRM accounts, linked to 2 different gmail accounts, run seperately using different chrome profiles. 


I would like to be able to switch between each CRM on my iOS app. I see there is the option to switch accounts on the app under settings. But I see no way to add the other account. I assume I need to associated the accounts somehow.


Can someone wlak me through setting this up, if it is possible?

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Hi @Robmobius


My understanding of the situation is that the app pulls in all the accounts that are associated with the HubSpot login you have used. If you use different accounts to log in to HubSpot, I don't think you will be able to switch between them in the current app. 


Can you change things so that you login to both HubSpot portals with the same HubSpot account? 


Hope this helps.



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Phil Vallender

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Thanks Phil, 


That would be great. The reason I have set things up separately is that Hubspot insisted on using the wrong accounts with wrong Gmail despite numerous attempts to resolve. In desperation, I separated out the Gmail accounts to diff chrome profiles and did the same with Hubspot. 


It would be better if I could have the associated but how?