Help to give me back the administrator privilege to HubSpot…!


My problem is something special since I do not need help with a technical problem.


I have used the HubSpot as a private CRM. Since I thought the tool should also be used by my company, I invited the general manager as a HubSpot user (unfortunately, with administrator privilege). Overtime I tried to sell in HubSpot without success - for me, however, the tool had great value.


After I quit the company, there has been some disagreement about payments. The result is that the general manager have now logged in to HubSpot, removed me as a user and changed password.


My former company is now in full crisis - creditors have engaged a joint lawyer - no one in the company is using HubSpot – the license is dead.


The request;

I have some very important information in HubSpot. The data is not the problem (I have the data), but I can’t start over again to build a CRM system adapted to my business and my personal working methodology…!


  • Can someone help me, in some way, to give me back the administrator privilege to HubSpot…?
  • Can this "someone" send me an email and I will reply with the actual URL and Hub ID + some extra information...? 

Best Regards,

John Halsbog


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Community Manager

Hi @John_Halsbog


Were you in touch with an Account Manager during your time witih HubSpot? They would be the best resource for next steps in terms of your old portal. 


If you have the data I would recommend reimporting the data into your new portal for now to ensure that you can begin using HubSpot again. 


Thank you,