Downloading Excel Files from Hubspot, via the app, to with Samsung Phones

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I find that then I drag and drop an excel file to a contact record, I can open/view the record perfectly well when I am using my PC ...However, when I try and view the exact same excel file from my Samsung Smartphone, I find that the document won't download. This is a major problem as a lot of my field reps use Samsung kit, so can anyone offer me some advice as to how to solve it ?


Hopefully this problem has been encountered before, and there is some well known patch that you can recommend 


Note: If I drag and drop a PDF to a contact record, then I can view it OK on my PC and also on my Samsung phone… but I don’t want to have to get my team to convert a lot of excel files to PDFs (furthermore, some of these excel files are ‘live’ and need to be edited – Thus they need to remain as excel files)


Can anyone offer me some assistance ?

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Hi @Saul-UK ,

  Let's dive right in! To start, I can confirm that it is not currently possible to view an attached Excel style spreadheet within the HubSpot Mobile App. This is because attachements are "read only", so you would need to create a .pdf of the spreadsheet in order to view it while on the go. It's certainly a cool idea though!

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