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Deal Probability prevents deal from being created in mobile app

I recently stumbled onto something that might help other people experiencing this. My team was experiencing issues creating deals in the mobile app. We discovered that if you leave the Deal Probability blank, the deal would be created, but if you entered a whole number in the field, it would prevent the deal from saving. 


After discussing with support, the Deal Probability field needs to be expressed as a decimal, as it generates a percentage. So, for a 50% Deal Probability, you would enter .5. The deal will have no issues. being created if this field is entered properly. 

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Deal Probability prevents deal from being created in mobile app

Hey @TannerKnight, Thank you for sharing your experience and solution with the HubSpot Community! 



It's valuable information for others encountering similar issues. Indeed, expressing the Deal Probability field as a decimal rather than a whole number makes a significant difference, as it aligns with the percentage format required by the system. Your clarification will undoubtedly help others streamline their deal creation process within the mobile app. If anyone else encounters this issue, they now have a clear solution to implement. 


Great job troubleshooting and resolving the issue with your team



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