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Creating Automated Email to send to new contacts via Business Card Scanner


Our team just signed up for HubSpot and we are working through the onboarding process. However, we have a conference coming up this week and wanted to utilize the business card scanner and automated emails features. Is there way to set up an automated email that is trigger to send when we scan a new email address via the business card scanner? 

Thanks for any tips you can provide!

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Creating Automated Email to send to new contacts via Business Card Scanner

Hey @BCallard, thanks for reaching out! This is an awesome question.


You'll just need to define some sort of trigger for that automated email workflow. I think your best bet is going to be using the "Original source" contact properties to identify any contacts that were originally created from the business card scanner.


Looking at this thread (thank you, @willsmith!), the values you're looking for are:


  • The original source: Offline Sources
  • Original source drill-down 1: MOBILE_IOS
  • Original source drill-down 2: business-card-scanner (this is the most important one)


I don't believe that has changed in the last few years, but you can also go to the contact record for someone that you know was created using the business card scanner and check out their Original source drill-down 2 property value.


You can then create a contact list that pulls in any contacts with that Original source drill-down 2 value. 


Finally, you can create a workflow that will send an automated email any time a new contact is added to that list. Just make sure that you set the workflow runtimes accordingly if there's ever a chance that you'll be scanning business cards really late or really early. HubSpot will otherwise send the email as soon as the business card is scanned.


Note that the "Original source" properties pull in the original source that created the contact. If the contact already exists in the system before their entered from a scanned business card, that value won't change (you'd have to look at the "Latest source" properties — more info in this HubSpot Knowledge Base article). Maybe that's a good thing if you're automated email is a welcome/intro email (you probably wouldn't need to send that to someone who's already in your database), but I wanted to call it out just in case!


Hope this helps!!


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