Card Scanning process ? for trade shows and suggested enhancement

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I setup a:

  • Source Campaign property that is for identifying which event the sales rep is scanning cards at trade shows
  • Job Function property that is for categorizing the title into functional role such as Finance, Procurement, etc.

These properties are in addition to the typical business card properties. We can successfully use the card scan mobile app, but I hope to impove user experience in the following ways:

  • Currently, they step through the process and then click Edit to go back into the entry to set Job Function and Source Campaign properties. There is a lot of scrolling through properties that we do not require.
  • How do I add my specific fields to the initial input so we do not have to Edit each entry to address this part of our process?
  • How do I eliminate the unnecessary properties in card scan mobile app to decrease scrolling?

Potential product enhancement = When rep opens card scan mobile app, ask via pop-up "Where are you selling today?" and display list of possible trade shows (for me this is "Source Campaign". "How long will you be at [Source Campaign]?" and allow them to select date range from calendar. This eliminates the need to assign each scanned card to appropriate "Source Campaign".

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Hi @ParkingQueen,


Currently the default fields that are available to import through the card scanner are outlined here.


If you would like to create a feature request, they can be shared through our ideas forum.


Thank you,

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