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Business Card Scanner Not Saving Contacts

I'm having an issue with the business card scanner app, and it's happening with multiple people I know.


I can scan a business card, the picture is clean, and the properties are correct, however, once I go to save the new contact I get an error message. 


It says, "There was a problem saving this contact." When I click "retry," nothing happens and I get the same error. 


Is anyone else experiencing this? How can I solve this?

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Business Card Scanner Not Saving Contacts

Hi @MCrowley4,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community!

There could be few reasons for the error "There was a problem saving this contact" to show. Is this happening consistently for all business cards that you're trying to scan? If yes, I'd recommend to log out and reinstall the app following the steps here.


If this only happens intermittently, I'd recommend checking if this contact already exists in your database. This error might appear if the contact already exists and you don't have the user permission to edit contact records.


Mia, Community Team

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