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New Contributor
Joined August-2017
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Android App - Issues (deal, email, signatures, companies)

[ Edited ]

Hi All

We have just started using the free version of the CRM and are experiencing the following issues on the android version.  I was hoping someone could shed some light on this.  All of these do NOT show up on the iphone.


One, whenever we try sending an email by clicking the mail button on an Android, it just opens outlook/default mail app and does not track the email in the CRM.


Second, we are not getting the option to assign a contact when we create a new deal in the android app. 


Third, once a company is created, there is no way to add/associate a contact with it. 


Fourth, the signature that we created is not showing up when we send an email.  Maybe this is related to point one.  It works if we use the hubspot on a computer.


Not sure, if its a user setting issue or this connection cannot be done on the Android.



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Joined October-2016
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Re: Android App - Issues (deal, email, signatures, companies)

Hi @Ammar . A new version of the Android App just dropped. Can you donwload that one and let me know if these issues still persist? 



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