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Android App - Create meeting notes

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I'm aware that it is currently not possible to schedule meetings directly in the app (neither iOs nor Android). But in the iOs-App I can at least edit meetings and create meetings notes, using the button "edit".

However, rest of my team is using Android and it seems that there is no such function? Only the possibility to add comments?

Is that correct? Or is there a workaround to create meeting notes in the Android app?


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Android App - Create meeting notes

Hi @steffi_gs I also use Android and can confirm that there is no "edit" option for scheduled meetings. The only option in the mobile app is to Add a comment.


It is possible to manually log a meeting, but no other functionality for scheduling (other than accessing meeting links to send via text/email).


Hope this helps clarify!


You can add this as an idea for the product team to review, I'm happy to upvote if you share the link back here.


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