Activities show on desktop but missing on mobile/tablet app

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I have the Office 365 extension installed for Outlook on Mac and my sent/received emails are logged in HubSpot. On desktop, I can see all the email activity as expected in the activities report (as shown below). 



Activities showing as expectedActivities showing as expectedHowever, on both mobile and tablet (latest versions of iOS and apps),  I don't see any of the activities - just one random email activity from several days ago. I can't see any setting or anything that has changed to no longer show email activities. 



Activities not showing on mobileActivities not showing on mobile








































I have removed and re-added the Office 365 extension, cleared cache and history etc, but still can't seem to get any email activities showing in the mobile/tablet apps. 


I've seen a few people mention this but the responses never seem to provide a fix or explanation. Any ideas? 

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Hi @seanddavies1 ,


Aplogies for the delay in responding to your inquiry.

I wanted to share some knowledge base articles:

- HubSpot mobile app features 

- Default sales dashboard reports


The "team activities by activity date" report shows sales activities of your team, on the other hand, Activity feed on the mobile app shows your recent Sales activities. So the data they show are different.


Additionally, the mobile app is not meant to be a substitute for the desktop app, so it is recommended to not expect the information on the mobile app to be as detailed as the ones shown on desktop.


Hope this helps!