how to capture HS reconversions with Salesforce integration

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We are a company using Hubspot for marketing and Salesforce for managing the sales process in the sales team.  All website forms are Hubspot and these and campaign leads originate in Hubspot. 


My issue is when contacts reconvert on a form, or interact with our marketing campaigns to an extent that we want to pass on another lead to sales.  With the HS-SFDC integration, a second lead will not be created in Salesforce and Hubspot support tells me that there is no way to create a second lead as there is a 1:1 relationship between HS contacts and leads/contacts in SFDC. 


I have created a workflow in HS to recognize these events and send emails to sales, but this is clunky and outside of the normal Salesforce flow for sales. 


Looking for suggestions on how to capture and notify sales people of a new conversion or event from a contact that will be visible in Salesforce.


Thank you in advance.Bob  

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Hi @BSchumann 


Thank you for reaching out!


I want to tag some of our experts on this - @StefaniUAT @Aakar @MeginVA any thoughts or suggestions to share with @BSchumann on this? 


Thank you!


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