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book online classroom training using hubspot meetings

Hi hubspot community,


Thanks for reading my inquiry.


We are running paid online training courses. They are available from our website. We are a consulting firm and we often train 10-20 people at a time in a online classroom.
At the moment our whole booking process is antiquated.
We have lots of duplication because we are not using a calendar. We want users to choose a training session they like, make a payment, and then book a pre-determined time and date to attend a course.
Screen Shot 2021-09-27 at 12.16.38 pm.png
Currently we list lots of times for each training course which results in a lot of repetition and maintenance required to update the dates manually. this is becauze we have no calendar function.

what we use today
. training pages. built in hubspot
. registration form. handled by hubspot
. payment. handled by gotowebinar
. webinar. handled by gotowebinar
. email reminders. gotowebinar
The main issue is we do not have a calendar for users to book a time and day. Hubspot tell us that their meeting calendar is not sufficient and designed more for 1-to-1 meetings.

what we need
Can you please prescribe how to build a calendar function into our stack? As much as possible we would like Hubspot to manage as much of the training touchpoints as possible which makes reporting easier.
We are open to using Zoom, EventBrite, and substituting any apps for any other you recommend we use. 
EventBrite may make a good partner app as it is ideal for public webinars, has a calendar, sends email coms and collects payment.
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book online classroom training using hubspot meetings

@MiaSrebrnjak can you describe your solution in more detail? If you can mention other companies and perhaps how they solved this it would help. I suspect there are companies in our position who have already solved this problem.

Community Manager
Community Manager

book online classroom training using hubspot meetings

Hi @HighOctane,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community! 

I think using a 3rd party software like EventBrite or Bevy to run your online classroom trainings and HubSpot to manage attendees is a good idea. There are a couple of integrations available in our App Marketplace

You can check out this Community article to see which software we use to host our virtual events!


I also wanted to ask a couple of subject matter experts for their advice on webinar/event management software: 

hi @webdew@jonathan_unger@GDHutchison@pacooke01 do you have any recommendations you could share with @HighOctane?


Thank you! 


Mia, Community Team 

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