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MJimenez221 on Juni 13, 2024
Hello! If anyone can help, currently my company uses SurveyMonkey to collect responses from customers (eg. Net Promoter Score, Contests). I'm currently in the process of creating a workflow based on form submissions but the current tutorial on Surve Beitrag ansehen
1 Antwort
Juni 14, 2024 02:27
Hi @MJimenez221 , When you integrate SurveyMonkey with HubSpot and grant the necessary permissions, all forms created in SurveyMonkey will be re...Beitrag ansehen
JFarrar1 on Juni 13, 2024
Wondering if I could get a bit of help. When trying to import my contacts from Pipedrive to Hubspot, I'm only given the option of first name and last name when matching the information, and can't select full name as that is the format it pulls Beitrag ansehen
4 Antworten
Juni 13, 2024 09:30
If there was an error from your initial upload and you were manually modifying the records and are now trying to update, there may be issues trying t...Beitrag ansehen
SDvir on Juni 13, 2024
Hey, this API call does not return the last modified deals as accepted: "GET /deals/v1/deal/recent/modified". This API documentation guided me through the process: "" . Even when Beitrag ansehen
1 Antwort
Juni 13, 2024 17:14
Hey @SDvir , Thanks for reaching out. It seems like you're following the correct process, but there could be a few reasons why no data is b...Beitrag ansehen
Egoi on Juni 12, 2024
I am currently using HubSpot - Salesforce integration so that data can be shared between both platforms. The problem I have encountered is that in Salesforce the same email can be used for different contacts whereas HubSpot does not allow this. In Beitrag ansehen
Ratgeber/-in | Partner
Juni 14, 2024 13:24
@RBozeman - I actually use Incycle on a few projects. I agree that it has some sophisticated features and functinality goes way beyond de-dup. ...Beitrag ansehen
ChrissieJ on Juni 10, 2024
I looking to see if anyone knows how to drop an interactive excel sheet into a landing page - we are looking to host a report that allows people to use filters and see specific graphs. The content remains in the excel sheet, but we are looking to h Beitrag ansehen
2 Antworten
Juni 11, 2024 03:10
Hi @ChrissieJ , Great advice from Colin so please give that a go! An alternative approach (if the above for some reason doesn't work as exp...Beitrag ansehen
adityajejurkar on Juni 06, 2024
Hello Everyone, I've created an elementor form in my website and i've connected it with hubspot to store the form data. All form fields are getting stored excpet the file attachments. In my Hubspot Contact this below error is shown.. " This doesn’t Beitrag ansehen
4 Antworten
Koryphäe | Elite Partner
Juni 11, 2024 08:16
Hi @adityajejurkar and welcome to the Community! As I understand n on-HubSpot Forms and how they connect, the tool is not directly set up to ha...Beitrag ansehen
DLovejoy on Mai 30, 2024
Has anyone set up a webinar with MSTeams that is integrated with Hubspot? If so, could you help a newbie?
3 Antworten
Juni 06, 2024 09:15
Thank you, both, for joining in the convo. I'm specifically having challenges getting HubSpot permitted thru MSTeams. The steps were taken by my ...Beitrag ansehen
mary_coombs on Mai 30, 2024
We want to one-way-sync to Bullhorn from Hubspot. Will HS form information sync and will all activities sync?
1 Antwort
Accepted Solution
Berühmtheit | Partner
Mai 30, 2024 12:50
Hi @mary_coombs , The sync will not look at form submissions directly but at contact records. Some activity types are considered (note, task, ...Beitrag ansehen
CCNNZ on Mai 29, 2024
Hi all, new to HS and I'm trying to link an existing Dynamic list of contacts that is auto-populated from a From to an existing Marketing event so we track who registered. I don't want to manually upload contacts to the Marketing events. Thanks Beitrag ansehen
6 Antworten
Mai 30, 2024 15:16
Hi @Colin Thanks for coming back to me. So the next question, is how to create such list? Do I need to create a custom field in the contact recor...Beitrag ansehen
DHutchins on Mai 15, 2024
We're trying to set up a registration process for our Zoom Welcome Calls for new customers. These calls are currently held through recurring Zoom meetings on a shared account. The same email account has a Hubspot seat. Currently, we just sha Beitrag ansehen
2 Antworten
Mai 17, 2024 09:01
Hi we do have the same scenario. Currently we use Zooms Meeting Registration with multiple occurences. We then share this registration page URL / L...Beitrag ansehen
jessreilley on Mai 14, 2024
Hello, The Hubspot plugin continually disconnects from ou WordPress website. I reconnect the website and within a day or two, the " The HubSpot plugin is not connected right now. To use HubSpot tools on your WordPress site, connect the plugin now. Beitrag ansehen
2 Antworten
Mai 17, 2024 15:19
Thanks, BérangèreL. The "solutions" to the thread you linked to aren't really solutions. The response by kvlschaefer is just asking for more detail...Beitrag ansehen
jennars22 on Mai 13, 2024
I'm not sure if this is a Hubspot or Salesforce issue. I have a Hubspot form that triggers a Hubspot workflow for the contact into Salesforce and assigns it to a Salesforce campaign. During the Salesforce sync the contact is also assigned to an addi Beitrag ansehen
1 Antwort
Mai 13, 2024 18:16
I would check the lead/contact history on the salesforce side to see if there is activity there that is adding someone to a campaign based on some ac...Beitrag ansehen
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