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NSepp on Juli 16, 2024
Hello HubSpot community, I am trying to find a way to change the integration user in HubSpot. We have a custom integration to our CRM system and unfortunately the same user was set as integration user who set up the trial integration in our com Beitrag ansehen
2 Antworten
Juli 16, 2024 07:56
Hi @Gaurav_Aggarwal , no we don't have that option because that is for Salesforce integration but we have another CRM integration.
EPerea on Juli 15, 2024
Se elimino la cuenta de WhatsApp Business en el celular para poder realizar la integración con Hubspot. Sin embargo, cuando se intenta hacer la conexión me sale error, que ya esta registrado el número, ya pasaron horas y sigo intentando sin éxito. Beitrag ansehen
0 Antwort
JorgP on Juli 13, 2024
Hi all, Apart of Whatsapp, we are using Viber for Business for some countries. Do you know proven integrations that can work with Viber business? there is a list of messaging partners on Viber's page Beitrag ansehen
2 Antworten
Akzeptierte Lösung
Juli 15, 2024 07:51
Hi @JorgP , Thanks for reaching out to the Community! Upon checking our asset marketplace, we found that there is currently no integr...Beitrag ansehen
WilliamClercq on Juli 12, 2024
Hello HubSpot Community, I'm reaching out for some assistance regarding an ongoing issue we're experiencing with our lead capture process. Background: After facing numerous difficulties with our various forms (external forms on our main site) a Beitrag ansehen
4 Antworten
Juli 15, 2024 02:21
Hi @Gaurav_Aggarwal , The embedded button worked for the source tracking. It's not optimal but it should do the trick. Thanks for your help thou...Beitrag ansehen
KWelch28 on Juli 10, 2024
Has anyone been successful at using the send SurveyMonkey survey to a contact? I have the integration setup between the two systems, select a contact in Hubspot > More > Send SurveyMonkey Survey. It says that it has sent, but no email is recei Beitrag ansehen
1 Antwort
Juli 11, 2024 11:36
Hey @KWelch28 , thank you for posting in our Community. Are you able to see the email in your HubSpot account? I want to share this knowledge...Beitrag ansehen
JJ9 on Juli 09, 2024
Hello, I am looking for a possibility to connect my question-form at the end of chatflow. However, I do not see this possibility in existing list This is, what I see: Select your desired action from the list. Possible actions include: Beitrag ansehen
1 Antwort
Juli 09, 2024 08:41
The chatbot is a form in a sense because you are capturing inputs, and potentially storing them as properties based on the values you are seeing. So ...Beitrag ansehen
PDelfinHipoli on Juli 08, 2024
I am having an issue with my workflow not activating when a form is submitted. Despite the form being filled out, the actions in my workflow are not being executed at any point. Could you please help me understand why my workflow is not triggering Beitrag ansehen
1 Antwort
Akzeptierte Lösung
Berühmtheit | Elite Partner
Juli 08, 2024 18:57
@PDelfinHipoli there is a built-in tool that will allow you to "test contact" to see why it's failing the enrollment. In this case, you're workflow...Beitrag ansehen
MKolodziej on Juli 08, 2024
We connected Mailchimp to Hubspot and then sent out an email and we are not seeing the activity in Hubspot. Mailchimp shows the emails were opened but we do not see any information in Hubspot. We don't see that any emails were sent. And definitely d Beitrag ansehen
2 Antworten
Juli 10, 2024 08:05
Hey @MKolodziej ! Curious - were you able to get the Mailchimp campaigns to show up in HubSpot contact records? And if so, what was the blocker?
PKirova on Juli 08, 2024
Hey, is there a way to see in Hubspot which leads watched video content on our non-Hubspot website (it's made with Webflow). We have the Hubspot tracking on the page.
2 Antworten
Juli 08, 2024 10:21
This is not what I am looking for. As described in my comment, the videos are displayed on our external website (not hosted in Hubspot).
PDelfinHipoli on Juli 05, 2024
I am working on a workflow and need to allow re-enrollment for contacts who meet the enrollment criteria again after being unenrolled. Currently, I am facing an issue where a contact who meets both the enrollment and unenrollment criteria is not get Beitrag ansehen
6 Antworten
Akzeptierte Lösung
Juli 08, 2024 12:23
Don't worry, I already saw how to achieve it, thank you very much
rapp on Juli 04, 2024
after all the permission installation and configuration the app hubspot and gmail does not track the emails I send I am using on google chrome with hubspot chrome extension correctly installed I also gave all the permission and configu Beitrag ansehen
1 Antwort
Akzeptierte Lösung
Berühmtheit | Partner
Juli 05, 2024 00:02
Hi @rapp , Can you confirm that one-to-one email tracking is turned on? ansehen
ChrisGGH on Juli 03, 2024
Hello all, I currently use the Shopify integration with the free HubSpot CRM suite, and I would like to know how I can link a Shopify subscription opt-in (Shopify “Subscribed” status) from a marketing email sign-up on Shopify to a specific HubSp Beitrag ansehen
5 Antworten
Akzeptierte Lösung
Berühmtheit | Partner
Juli 03, 2024 05:03
@ChrisGGH if the Shopify integration populates this correctly in HubSpot, it would show up in contacts here: ansehen
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