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keogab on November 03, 2021
Hi, We are trying to connect a google calender (new event) and Hubspot (create or update contact) using Zapier. However when trying to pull in contact email, it is pulling in myself as the organizer and the attendee causing an error in Zapier read more
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1 Reply
Community Manager
November 04, 2021 17:55
Hello @keogab thank you for the screenshot provided! I would recommend connecting with Zapier support, as they will be able to provide more more
MGhasempour on August 16, 2021
I have all of our contacts, companies and tickets created in Hubspot via Zapier. I want to link the contacts to their company and tickets, and vice versa. I dont think this is an option that is provided through Zapier, at least not one I can read more
1 upvote
5 Replies
Accepted Solution
Guide | Gold Partner
August 19, 2021 03:41
Hi @natsumimori yes I work a lot with Zapier and HubSpot. Happy to help. @MGhasempour the Zapier action to use for this is "create more
subrahmanyak on September 11, 2020
In our analytical tools we need to know which contact has opened an email. How do I get a relation between a Marketing email (emailcontentID) and an email event. In the example apis we can only get campaignID from an email event.
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5 Replies
HubSpot Employee
September 14, 2020 04:57
Hi @subrahmanyak I have double-checked this with our product experts. 1 campaign = 1 single send of 1 marketing email If you're more
IshaniMudgal on September 11, 2020
I synced hubspot with my mailshake account, I checked the 'sync to hubspot option in the settings section of all my mail campaigns. However, there seems to be an issue as the leads are not automatically getting synced to Hubspot. Any ideas how to re read more
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1 Reply
HubSpot Employee
September 11, 2020 07:21
Hey @IshaniMudgal ! Could you clarify if you are using the Mailshake integration or is this connected through Zapier? Is the issue that your more
Anonymous on September 01, 2020
We currently use Survey Monkey and the HubSpot integration only works one way - we can only receive survey results in contact records, but have to use Survey Monkey to make the requests. This is very labor intensive to manage. I am looking at Su read more
0 upvote
3 Replies
Not applicable
September 03, 2020 10:18
@himanshurauthan Currently we send a survey after home closing which asks general questions about the process and quality of construction. more
DJGOOD on August 16, 2020
I'm trying to add a Contact to a list using Zapier. But in the dropdown where I need to choose which list to add them to, there are no choices. I know I can only use static lists and that is what I'm trying to do. But Zapier doesn't "see" any of my read more
0 upvote
4 Replies
Accepted Solution
Contributor | Elite Partner
August 18, 2020 15:11
Hi! I ran a quick test, and I was able to see all my lists in the Zapier "list name" dropdown. I'm not sure if this issue would be covered under more
RickWake on June 14, 2020
Hi, I use a zapier to take data from a Hubspot form and feed it into a Google sheet. When I set it up about a week ago, it was fine but now when I go to edit the zap, it shows an error saying " This step is using an invite-only app that you do n read more
1 upvote
2 Replies
June 14, 2020 20:51
Same issue for our accounts- we Zapier wired to connect two accounts used by different areas or the origanization and now the HubSpot app isnt more
annawed on June 12, 2020
Hi – Does anyone have any integration recommendations for automating the export of marketing email data (# of recipients, # of opens, # of clicks, etc...) to google sheets /excel? Based on my research it looks like Zapier only automates contact read more
0 upvote
2 Replies
June 17, 2020 12:06
Hello @annawed You can have a look at Sprinkle Data which can help you in automating the ingestion of the data sa well as exporting the same. more
RickWake on June 08, 2020
Hi, My firm is accepting program applications on behalf of our clients via a Hubspot form. There are file attachment fields on the form, which are optional. I'd like to share the uploaded files automatically with our clients, however, the defaul read more
1 upvote
4 Replies
Accepted Solution
June 08, 2020 02:28
Hi @RickWake I recommend you to have a look at a tool that we have been using at our organisation for some time now. Cheers Sam
involveme on October 31, 2019
Build interactive content - as easy as drag and drop!'s interactive content builder can now be navitely integrated with HubSpot. Here's a few examples of what you can do with it: Embed any interactive content on your websi read more
Accepted Solution
November 04, 2019 04:47
Hey John, our bad, here's the link:
natty on September 03, 2019
I just recently integrated with Eventbrite and I can see that a new property field was created with two new properties called 'Last Registered Event' and 'Last Registered Event Date.' I'm wanting to make a workflow that will send a follow up em read more
1 upvote
2 Replies
Accepted Solution
Thought Leader
September 03, 2019 16:40
HubSpot's integration with Eventbrite and the availability/visibility of segmentation/properties depends on the your HubSpot tier AND the more
ellenrathburn on July 29, 2019
I am using zapier to create rows on a spreadsheet as form-fills are submitted to create warranty requests for my company's tech department. I would like to find a way to create a timestamp within the spreadsheet, or generate an ID number automatical read more
1 upvote
6 Replies
Accepted Solution
July 14, 2020 10:28
Hi Aspermont , What ended up working for me was using adding the column to my google sheet for the timestamp, and using { { more
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