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  • kestrada on April 21, 2020
    10 Replies
    Hello, everybody! I hope you're keeping well. Since many companies have recently implemented working from home, we would like to tell you how the integration of GoToWebinar with HubSpot works. This application allows you to create ...
    August 20, 2021 09:37
    this link is not working on your site
  • Solved
    Damien on July 29, 2021
    2 Replies
    Hi all, we are using the Google Sheets integration to export a list of contacts from HubSpot to Google Sheets via a workflow. The problem is that the "Create Date" property comes through as a long number, rather than an actual date. Here are ...
    September 10, 2021 10:49
    I'm exporting dates to a word document through Zapier and then into Formstack. Is there a way to set an export format for dates that isn't in millise...
  • pbmartin on July 23, 2021
    3 Replies
    We use Poll Questions during our Zoom webinars quite a bit. We would like to sync individual user responses to their HubSpot Contact record or timeline. Any ideas on how to make this happen? HubSpot versions: Marketing Hub Professional, Sales Hu...
    August 03, 2021 14:02
    Thanks so much. That really won't work with a lengthy survey that needs statistical tabulation that we want to use for filters in Hubspot. Any ot...
  • katherineladue on July 13, 2021
    1 Replies
    Does anyone integrate Clio *Grow* with their HubSpot account? Our law firm client uses both Clio Manage and Grow, and we're happy to see that Manage is now included in the Data Sync app directory. However, sending contacts from Grow to HubSpot to be...
    Community Manager
    July 14, 2021 03:38
    Hi @katherineladue Thank you for reaching out! Wondering if some of our experts have used Clio Grow - @Josh @Mike_Eastwood did you...
  • Solved
    00437 on July 12, 2021
    3 Replies
    I'm hoping somebody might have some bright ideas on this, I'm a bit stuck: (I'm on Marketing & Sales Professional). - I'm using Zapier to accomplish the following: 1. Create a new contact in Hubspot when a user completes my Outgrow Le...
    Community Manager
    July 16, 2021 07:31
    Thank you for sharing @00437 ! 👍
  • JGood on July 12, 2021
    9 Replies
    I have Zoom and Hubspot integrated. And under Activities for my contacts I can see when someone signs up for a webinar, when they attend and the URL for the recording. I want to email that recording URL via an automation in Hubspot. But I don't kn...
    Most Valuable Member
    July 14, 2021 22:02
    Hi @JGood , Yes, that looks like a good workaround. You should be able to find contacts that registered for a certain webinar via an act...
  • Solved
    cassjoachim on July 07, 2021
    3 Replies
    Hi – I've successfully installed the Jira integration: All products and plans. After connecting yesterday, refreshing, double checking but not seeing the option for Create Jira ticket using workflows , thought I'd give Hubspot a minute and try ag...
    Top Contributor | Diamond Partner
    July 08, 2021 21:13
    Hi @cassjoachim , There might be two options due to which you are facing this issue- Firstly, your integration is not done correctly,...
  • Solved
    LBorges on July 05, 2021
    9 Replies
    I have a list of participants collected via hubspot form. Is manually really the only way to register them in GoToWebinar? Zapier is not an option. Does Hubspot GoToWebinar integration allow you to upload these participants? Or not?
    July 05, 2021 07:26
    Sounds indeed complicated! Glad I asked 🙂 and thank you so much for your quick response. I'll definitely follow your advice, thanks a lot!
  • Solved
    LBorges on July 05, 2021
    2 Replies
    I have a list of webinar participants collected via Hubspot form, is manually really the only way to enter these? Zapier is not an option. Anyway to do this via Hubspot integration at all? (Participants are already registered and I'm not making...
    July 06, 2021 13:11
    Hi @LBorges ! I did get your PM and sent you a solution I used once. However, when I did what I did, I do not recall there being the workflow ...
  • Solved
    nautijoey on May 19, 2021
    1 Replies
    Is it possible to print or have visibility to a report on all recent activity and by whom within a time frame? Even the last 48 hours would be great. I am referring to assignees in of the account (i.e. Superadmins). Thanks for your help in ...
    Most Valuable Member
    May 19, 2021 00:14
    Hi @nautijoey , What kind of activities are you interested in? Some information, such as user logins, can be exported, see this post on expor...
  • Solved
    tiffanyyang21 on May 06, 2021
    3 Replies
    We recently moved away from using Zapier, but since using the Hubspot/Slack integration with workflows to fire off messages, we noticed the @ features do not work. We cannot @channel and notify our team as Zapier did allow for that feature. I think ...
    HubSpot Moderator
    May 17, 2021 06:41
    Hi @tiffanyyang21 , Thanks for your response and the clarification! I am glad you have a working solution through Zapier. If you have ...
  • Solved
    jdtingay on April 27, 2021
    5 Replies
    I'm trying to create a number of actions that occur when a contact completes a SurveyMonkey survey. I've setup a workflow so that an internal contact gets a email notification when a response is received but I'm not sure that a user can go throu...
    Community Manager
    April 30, 2021 05:20
    Hi James, Apologies that my answer doesn't apply to your current concern. True, the information sent from SurveyMonkey is saved as a timeline ...
  • Solved
    RMilner4 on April 13, 2021
    1 Replies
    Hi! Looking to hear from anyone who has experience with Substack (or similar) or just knows whether or not HubSpot has some of the same capabilities via another integration or within HubSpot itself. Here's what we like about the Substack model:...
    Key Advisor | Elite Partner
    April 13, 2021 09:37
    Hey, I'm not too familiar with SubStack but I have spent a ton of time on the HubSpot side and you can make webpages private and no index etc. ...
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