Zoom Integrations - Do not want to allow creation of new contacts


Is there a way to turn off the permissions for Zoom to create new contacts in HubSpot? 


Our Zoom admin manages multiple accounts across the company, so other departments' webinars are not related to our website and marketing dept. 


When hosting a webinar, in our Marketing dept, we use a HubSpot form for registration and then have a workflow and webhook to Zoom. New contacts are created when they fill out our HubSpot form. 


Now, if another department using a Zoom account under the same Admin hosts a webinar and contacts register via a Zoom link. Those contacts would get added to our HubSpot database, even though they didn't fill out a HubSpot form. 


I want the integration to only update existing contacts with Zoom webinar event info instead of creating new contacts. (Similar to how the Delighted integration works).


Is this possible?

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Hi @ericacowan,


Thanks for reaching out.

I want to tag in a few subject matter experts who may be able to assist with this!

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I was able to find a solution to my issue! By default, the Sync data from newly scheduled webinars option was checked. 


Settings - Connected Apps - Zoom - Webinar



By unchecking this option, I'm able to go in and manually select only the webinars that we want to sync with HubSpot.


Thanks @ericacowan! I am surprised that there were not tons of users going through the same frustration. The documentation on the Zoom side could definitely be a lot clearer.


Interesting! That checkbox on our account is not checked and we are still getting new contacts created from the integration.


Same for us, wondering if others are having this problem? We're only looking to sync marketing webinar form fills but are currently getting anyone who attends any sales meeting as a new contact (which we do not want). 


Happening for me as well. We are only looking to sync over marketing webinars but our admin profile manages that of everyone at our company. So contacts are being created when a personal meeting was had (which we don't want)


We are having the same issue. This is not ideal. 


Agreed - Unchecking "Sync data from newly scheduled webinars" didn't fully solve our issue once Zoom updated to accessing cloud recordings. Contacts still get created if someone accesses a meeting recording. 


There needs to be a way to prevent Zoom from creating new contacts, and only allow updates to existing contact records through the integration. 


@ericacowan I had the same issue several months back. Totally unreasonable to have meeting participants added to HS just because there is a cloud recording. At the time I was able to get someone at HS to turn off that "feature" of the Zoom integration. However, I've now encountered it on another HS portal.


A HS customer support agent pointed me to the following switch on the Zoom integration. He said this should stop the contact creation.

Screen Shot 2021-06-25 at 8.14.27 AM.png

Settings > Integrations > Connected Apps > Zoom > Webinars > Feature Permissions


I don't know when this was added to the integration settings, but you might try disabling that checkbox. You'll have to be the HS user who activated the Zoom integration in the first place. 


The customer support agent indicated that Zoom is unable to distinguish between cloud recordings that come from webinars and cloud recordings that come from meetings, which is why meeting particpants get added to HS when there's a cloud recording. 


Hope this helps.