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Hey all,

Are there any HubSpot Marketing Hub to ZOHO CRM integrations that carry activities/notes/email recrods from HubSpot to ZOHO?  Please exclude Bedrock Data, as they are way way out of our price range for a connector.


I have found things that sync Contact fields like PieSync which are much more reasonable, but they don't bring over any activity data.


Is there another solution to using the HubSpot platform for marketing and ZOHO CRM  sales outreach and customer data storage?  I can't imagine a scenario where I'd want our salespeople not knowing what marketing material has been sent to a lead/contact before we call them.

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Hi @HubHero,


Great question. PieSync is a great solution if you are looking for a true bidirectional contact or company sync. However, as you mentioned, activity data isn't yet available. 

Segment might be a good alternative. Note that Segment is mainly geared towards developers that need to get first-party data into other tools (one-way push). It is much less about keeping Customer/Account data in sync between apps.


To what extent would you need to transfer activity data to your CRM? Do your salespeople need to be aware of all activity or would certain key activities be enough for them to make to right sales outreach?

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Have you considered Zapier's HubSpot integration with Zoho CRM? I found this page and the integration seems to offer interesting possibilities:



I have never tried it myself though, but I figured it might help.

Good luck!