What shows up in the Account Intelligence integration into Salesforce?

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There are several hubspot intelligence visualforce pages that can be added into the Salesforce page layouts for leads, contacts, opportunities, accounts.


I understand that leads/contacts will display the latest "contact" intelligence from hubspot.


But for Accounts and for Opportunities, what data is displayed? Is it just the most relevant "contact" activity?

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Hi, @kevinloh. It's not the most "relevant", but the most recently synced: https://knowledge.hubspot.com/articles/kcs_article/salesforce/which-contact-does-the-hubspot-intelli...


If you're looking to aggregate HubSpot analytic information in Salesforce at the account or opportunity level, there aren't many good options. Salesforce won't let you create rollup summary fields between accounts and contacts natively; you'd either have to use an AppExchange tool like Rollup Helper, or write your own custom Apex.


[Alternately, you could create Salesforce reports with bucket fields and/or formulas on the report to do the aggregation for you. This wouldn't exist as metadata on any object, just something that's calculated, specific to the reports where you've created those formulas.]

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I'm probably wrong. I may not be right about that.