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Webinar Integration: MSTeams

Has anyone set up a webinar with MSTeams that is integrated with Hubspot?

If so, could you help a newbie?

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Webinar Integration: MSTeams

Thank you, both, for joining in the convo.


I'm specifically having challenges getting HubSpot permitted thru MSTeams. The steps were taken by my IT consultant, but HS is still noting that permission is needed.


Any thoughts?




Webinar Integration: MSTeams

I was excited to see this integration because our organization uses the Microsoft Suite. We have been using GoToWebinar for years, and it would be nice to be able to eliminate that subscription. 


I am in the processing of setting up our first Microsoft Teams webinar that will sync with HS, and I am uncovering several areas where the integration falls short of that of GoToWebinar.


  1. The filter categories for Teams webinars/marketing events are extremely limited. Is it possible to build a contact list based on registration for a specific Teams webinar/marketing event. Currently, you can only filter on registered for marketing event orattended marketing event. Knowing which specific event/webinar the contact attended/registered for is crucial in order to send follow-up emails to registrants or attendees. 
  2. Webinars are a critical tactic we leverage to generate MQLs. We have incorporated lead scoring that adds points for registration and attendance of webinars created in GoToWebinar. There currently isn't any scoring properties for MS Teams Webinars. We would also want to have an individual count of registrations/attendance on the contact record. These are currrently custom properties in Hubspot. I imagine I could add points by using a list if there were a way to create a list based on registrants/attendees?

I may be missing something, so any pointers would be helpful. Thanks! 

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Webinar Integration: MSTeams

Hi @DLovejoy


Thank you for reaching out to the Community!

Yes, we offer a MS Teams Integration that is available for all HubSpot plans. By connecting the integration, you can sync webinar registration and attendance, and segment contacts based on that information


Here are the integration listings and some articles that specifically cover the functions and setup.


Microsoft Teams

Use Microsoft Teams and HubSpot for meetings, conversations, and more!


Use HubSpot and Microsoft Teams webinars


Connect HubSpot and Microsoft Teams


I hope this helps,


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