Using hidden form fields to capture campaign attribution/influence


My challenge is sort of two-fold ... I hope this all makes sense.


I'm looking to do campaign attribution using Hubspot forms so we can look at campaign influence at every touch point... so, for instance, being able to say "X campaign drove X number of leads, MQLs, SQLs, etc" as well as have a scalable way to set Salesforce campaigns based on what the lead interacts with (for example, if someone fills out a form from a paid search campaign, I want to add them to a Salesforce campaign using the parameters in the tracked link they visited the page from).


As far as I know, Hubspot only captures campaign information at first and last converting campaign, and does not have the ability to automatically connect/push this data into Salesforce campaigns...


Is there a way to set up Hubspot forms to read utm parameters in a tracked link and automatically copy them into a hidden custom field?


We're really struggling to figure out a scalable, efficient way of capturing campaign names and pushing leads into the correct SF campaign... I know you set up workflows to add people to Salesforce campaigns based on certain enrollment criteria, but with the number of campaigns we run at any given time, it doesn't seem scalable to have to create a new workflow every single time (vs. Marketo where you can sync a Marketo campaign with a Salesforce campaign and automatically have leads map to the campaign in Salesforce when they respond to the Marketo campaign...). It's frustrating that Hubspot doesn't offer the ability to sync a campaign directly with a Salesforce campaign, in my opinion.


If we were able to read a utm parameter, copy it to a hidden field, and create a workflow that passes that information to a field in Salesforce, maybe we could create a workflow on the Salesforce side that then sets the campaign? Not sure if this would work.


It feels as though we have exhausted all options. Hopefully this all makes sense. Please help!

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Hello @aschurr 


I will be tagging some top experts to help on this matter, @Josh@lynton , @Mike_Eastwood would you be able to share your thoughts?


Thank you,



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Any news? This seems to be a serious gap. 


I am also waiting on an answer to this! May have to switch if this isn't resolved.