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I am unable to go to my Marketing Tab.  All I see available is Sales in the Top left corner.  When I go to settings and try to update my domain name, the field is grayed out and I can't make any settings updates.  Any ideas on how to have my access fixed?

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Hi @MedUSA I apologize that no one has gotten back to you. Are you still not able to sign in? Our records indicate you are a Super Admin for portal ID 4020548. If you are trying to log in to that account you should have marketing access. 


Thing to try if you still don't have access:

- Ensure you are signed-in to the correct user account 

- Ensure that you have the latest version of your browser with all updates

- Ensure you are not in a zoomed mode 

- Clear your cache and reboot the browser if necessary

- Ensure that you are signed in as the correct user


Our records indicated one user is authorized for Contacts only, please ensure that you are not signed in under his account.


If you are not able to successfully navigate to the Marketing Hub, please forward screens shots of the main menu, and the user settings that show you are signed in. 


Thank you,

Ed Justen



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