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Trouble Connecting to Facebooke

Hello & Good Afternoon


I was just reaching out because I am having a hard time on creating a new chatflow with Facebook Messenger. Everytime I try to connect it, this screen keeps popping up. 

Screenshot (18).png

I talked with someone in a Live Chat room, but we couldn't figure it out!

I tried clear my cache, I tried going incognito, but nothing we were doing was working. 

I need some help trying to figure this out. 


Ashton Farmer

Community Manager
Community Manager

Trouble Connecting to Facebooke

Hello @ClassicRentals,


Welcome to the Community! Thank you for posting your question and sharing what troubleshooting you have done so far! 


I would like to get a little more information regarding what you are experiencing:  


1. What happens after you click "Reconnect Facebook" ?

2. Have you ever been able to successfully connect your HubSpot account to your Facebook?

3. If so, were you the user who connected the Facebook account to HubSpot?

3. If you were not the user, are you able to ask the user who connected to try to reconnect you Facebook Business account?


Additionally, I wanted to share two articles that are helpful resources for this integration. 

1. Create a chatflow for Facebook Messenger

2. HubSpot Facebook Messenger Integration product update


If you are still experiencing this issue, could you provide me with more details and screenshots?





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