Track All Form Submissions to Google Sheets via Zapier (or other free tools)


Does anyone know if it's possible to sync all form submissions to Google Sheets?


The reason I want to do this is I currently report weekly on who all submits a form on our website. Rather it be a customer, pipeline, MQL, lead, whatever. Not just their most recent or first conversion, but ALL. I currently do this manually. I pull all the conversions out of HubSpot, see if they have filled out one or more forms, then go into each contact to see if they downloaded multiple items this week or not. 


I report this to my Sales and CS team. While I know they could monitor everyone individually themselves, they just don't. So, I report it to them every week via Google Sheets. 


I thought Zapier would be able to solve this issue. However, they only do one form at a time. I have probably 30 forms on my website. Any advice on another tool or way of doing this would be greatly appreciated. 


Thanks so much in advance!

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Community Manager

Hey @Carly_Farlow 


At this time there isn't a direct integration between HubSpot and Google Sheets. However, there are two ways you can achieve this: 

  1. As you mentioned, using the integration Zapier to handle this data transfer.
  2. Working with API developer to create a bridge to sync your contacts to your other platform may be the best workaround. (See the API Overview doc here).

I hope this helps

Thank you


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