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Sync part of Zendesk Tickets into HubSpot



Has someone experience in importing Zendesk Tickets Information (not the whole Tickets, but just a selcted part of it) into HubSpot Contact Activity?


Our issue is that sometime our customers write in the Tickets reserved informations that cannot be seen from every user we have in HubSpot. The solution for us is to only show the link to the original Ticket in Zendesk, so that people with access to it can anyway read what the ticket is about.

This cannot be done with the integration available right now (


This is a test we made using the integration:

Screenshot 2020-10-08 at 09.25.33.png


if we could just hide/delate the "Details" it will be perfect for us. The title, and update when solved, is everything we need, as the team solving the Tickets work directly in Zendesk and will use HubSpot only as support.


I'm searching for another solution right now, looking into using piesync, zapier or integromat. 


Does anybody have another idea on how to solve this problem, or other tools I can research?


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Sync part of Zendesk Tickets into HubSpot

Hi, Katie! 


I want to do the exact same thing you do. Although I can live with details being visible... so I'd love to hear how you configured the Zendesk integration to attach to contacts. Does it do that automatically? I'd rather have it show on the Contact Record (I guess as a ticket?) than elsewhere. Any info you can provide would be helpful. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Sync part of Zendesk Tickets into HubSpot

Hi @Katia_A 


Thanks for reachout out!


At this stage you won't be able to hide these details section. 


However, I want to tag some of our thoughts leaders on this - @PeterC @StefaniUAT @warrendavey - any thoughts on other tools or workarounds you could think of for @Katia_A ?


Thank you!


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