Sumo Listbuilder + HubSpot


Sumo ListBuilder popups on your website are, of course, able to send leads to the HubSpot CRM, but when it creates a new contact, it is listed as "created from offline sources". And I have a feeling the user who fills out the Sumo form is not "cookied" and their future visits will not appear in their timeline.


With Facebook lead ads, on the other hand, it shows in their timeline that they were created via a Facebook lead ad.


Is there a way to set up Sumo properly? Sumo has far more features than the Hubspot built-in leadflows, and I would like to use it, but only if it can integrate well with HubSpot. Anyone have any ideas on this?



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HubSpot Employee

Hi @spf thanks for your post. Sumo Listbuilder is supported by Sumo, they would be able to provide more insight into your question. I found a link to their support here: